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Azerbaijan 2006 Landmine Monitor Report

International Campaign to Ban Landmines

Mine Ban Treaty
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AzCBL Partner Organizations and Most Relevant Links

Azerbaijan 2007 Landmine Monitor Report

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action 

Canadian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey

Geneva Call

Handicap International

Institute of Peace and Democracy

International Campaign to Ban Landmines

International Campaign to Ban Landmines - Georgian Committee

International Committee of the Red Cross

Landmine Impact Survey—Azerbaijan (Survey Action Centre)
Landmine Monitor

Landmine Survivors Network
Mines Action Canada

Norwegian People Aid

Norwegian Refugee Council

Ottawa Treaty in Azeri

Ottawa Treaty in Russian

Ottawa Treaty in English

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe—Baku Office

Oxfam UK

SAFELINE - Canada's Guide to the Global Ban on Landmines

Standing Tall Australia

Other Helpful Links


Cluster Munition Coalition

European Commission

European Union Mine Action

Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining

HALO Trust - Great Britain


Human Rights House Foundation (HRH)

Human Rights Watch

Humanitarian Demining

International Mine Action Standards

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Landmine Action

Mine Action Information Center - James Madison University

NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency

Night of a thousand dinners

Physicians for Human Rights

RONCO Consulting Corporation


South-Eastern Europe Mine Action Coordination Council

Survey Action Center

The Electronic Mine Information Network

The Leahy War Victims Fund

United Nations

United Nation Mine Action Service


Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation