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The Basic Facts

  • 35 people were been killed or injured by mines or UXO (unexploded ordinance) in Azerbaijan in 2006 alone.  65 people were been killed or injured by mines or UXO in Azerbaijan in 2005 alone.  This was the highest total in the past 10 years.  (See Mine Victim Total for details on the demographics of those injured and killed.)  
  • In late 2006, ANAMA confirmed that there had been new mines laid by Azerbaijani forces in Aghdam region in September 2006 to prevent the incursion of Armenian forces there.  

  • The total number of landmine/UXO survivors in Azerbaijan is unknown, but there are believed to be over 3000 victims, approximately 500 of whom have died.  More than 200 of these victims have been children.
  • Approximately 92 million square meters of land are reportedly suspected to be mined and another 44 million square meters are identified as UXO – contaminated (excluding Armenian occupied territories of Azerbaijan).
  • The amount of mine/UXO contamination in areas controlled by Armenian forces is unknown, but is expected to be extensive.  The estimated total area of hazard there varies from 350 to 830 million square meters and expected number of mines ranges from 50,000 to 100,000.
  • There are 643 mine/UXO-affected communities in Azerbaijan.  
  • Of the 480 mine-affected communities (as opposed to the 163 communities uniquely affected by UXO), 11 communities are rated as ‘high impact’, 101 as ‘medium impact’ and 368 as ‘low impact’. 
  • The land contaminated by mines and/or UXO directly impacts the safety and livelihoods of approximately 514,000 people.
  • In 2006, ANAMA cleared 20,000,000 square meters of mined areas and found and destroyed 4 antipersonnel mines, 16 antitank mines, and 86,403 UXO.

  • In total, ANAMA's work to date has resulted in the clearance of 41,591,131m2 of territory and the destruction of 135 antipersonnel mines, 137 antitank mines and 97,855 UXO.

  • The following types of landmines have been used in Azerbaijan:

  • Antipersonnel mines – MON-50 (USSR), MON-100 (USSR), OZM-72 (USSR), PMN (USSR), PMN-2 (USSR), PFM-1 (USSR), POMZ-2 (USSR) and Italian-made mines
  • Antitank mines – TM-57, TM-62M, TM-62P (all produced in USSR)
  • Homemade mines and field-charges