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Mine Victim Total

The total number of landmine victims continues to grow each month.  This must be stopped.

The current total for 2009 is:


Civilian Military Total
Killed 0 2 2
Injured 6 0 6
Total 6 2 8**

** This is the total that is known to the AzCBL.
Other cases may exist of which we have not been informed. 

The total for 2008 was 16  (1 killed, 15 injured)

The total for 2007 was 33  (10 killed, 23 injured)

The total for 2006 was 35  (4 killed, 31 injured)

The total for 2005 was: 65  (11 killed, 54 injured)

This represents the highest total  in the past 10 years

The total for 2004 was: 43 (15 killed, 28 injured)

The total for 2003 was: 39 (14 killed, 25 injured)

We must bring the total for future years to 0.  The solution is a commitment to a total ban on landmine use, stockpiling, production and transfer in Azerbaijan and the rapid removal and destruction of previously laid mines.  Without such steps, the devastation will continue.  It is for this reason that the AzCBL exists.